I've written for all sorts of clients including: tech products, consultants, nonprofits, higher education, jewelry, healthcare, architecture, and more. While a lot of that content belongs to them, I'm happy to send you some samples if you want. Otherwise, you can always read my personal blog or check out a few of my latest articles. I have written for RELEVANTMotherlyThought Catalog, Freelancers Union, Holstee, the North State Journal, and others. 



Project Management


I have worked as a project manager for a few different agencies, meaning that I not only manage the work, but the team as well. It's a vague term that covers a wide range of skills, because you just never know what you need until you get started. I love the challenge in project management and have found myself helping with scheduling, coordinating a team of people, facilitating meetings, finding the gaps in communication, creating new processes, and ultimately, helping people work more effectively and productively.  

A visible form of project management is event planning. I've coordinated press conferences, weddings, retreats, and even a party for over 5,000 people. I believe in having a clear vision, building a strong team, and keeping a level head.


Everything Else


It's fun to have a catch-all category. Throughout my time working in communications and project management, I've picked up a few skills and passions that I never expected. Before I knew it, I performed voice-overs, took photos, and assisted on several video projects--as a writer, interviewer, and producer. The best part, is that I've found friends in all of these areas, too, which means if you have something new in mind, I can help you make it happen.